Some details Pans Should Know Every Baker

If you are ready to tackle any baking project it is Important to have a range of tools in your baking arsenal. My baking pans are the back bone of my baking operation.

It is Important to note That baking pans are made ​​of metal, not to be confused with baking dishes That are traditionally made ​​of glass. I prefer to use pans for baked goods. Most newer baking pans come with a non-stick surface, making much Them Easier to clean.

Here is a breakdown of my pan that I use during this stay:

Baking Sheet: A baking sheets is flat, with short sides keep food from sliding That off. Also known as a sheet pan, the baking sheet is Generally used for cooking baked goods. The pan comes in lighter or darker shades of gray. Darker shades Will create a crispier end product.

Cookie Sheet: Unlike a baking sheet, a cookie sheet is completely flat. There are no sides. Cookie sheets are Often mistaken for baking sheets, but the open sides ideal for scraping cookies off as They have finished baking.

Pie: This shallow circular-shaped pan has slanted sides for easy removal of the pie pieces.